s.h.a.r.e Social Network is all about networking and self-expression.

We have various types of events and sessions, but one of the new ones is LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e

The idea behind it is simple.

Most people working have their lunch hour which they spend behind their desk, or eating alone, or with colleagues.

There are also self-employed people who have the day to themselves, but who may not neccessarily meet with others in that day.


LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e offers all individuals who are working, in any field, whether slef-employed or in paid employment, an hour to meet other professionals, network, and make their lunch time a powerful hour.

It usually holds on a Wednesday, between 12.30 and 2.30, and holds at a restuarant or fast food outlet, where people then come in, order their food and mingle.

We encourage everyone to bring their business cards and be ready to meet as many people as possible; finding out their NAMES, WHAT THEY DO, and building their datatbase.

To find out more about this, leave a comment here, or call us on 08023066252



4 Responses to “LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e”

  1. Timi Says:

    Hi Folks!

    Good to know my 9ja folks are up to something vibrant! I encourage you to carry on.

    I regularly carry out events of this nature and I can confidently confirm to you that you are on the right path.

    The frequency however is what I am wondering about…Every week?!!! Anyway, if it floats your boat, do carry on. From my own experience, a ‘themed’ event EVERY MONTH works and is both targeted and well attended. I am in the process of updating my website and you will find tips and blogs soon.

    Will be in Lagos sometime around Mid Summer so might pop into one of your meetings to encourage you.

    Wish you the best and have fun!


  2. Flair Says:


    I do have t commend you on the conceptof this networking even, best way to describe it in my opinion is DELICIOUS!!

    I am a member of this group on facebook, i haven’t been to any of the lunches, mostly because my business goes between Abuja and London, i am keen to attend the next one(fingers cossed) which seems scheduled for friday the 27th of june?(correct me if i’m wrong).

    My concern is, if the event isn’t in a private place how do u know who is who? As in who is there for the “lunching n sharing”and who just wanted a lunch away from the office?

    Notwithstanding… Kudos!

  3. Temitope Says:

    Hiya all,

    Nice concept, nice delivery. It is common knowledge that we all have an inbuilt need to interact. This forum provides the needed grounds and also furnishes you with better business ideologies. Way to go!

    I will love to be a part of this for this month.

  4. jerry Says:

    i think what u guyz are doing is really good and off the chain..hooking young like mind nigerians up.. i think this group will grow and stand for many years..i give kudos to all the admins.. just joined last week sunday and it was a blast..met Rogba, Andre Blaze, Osagie, Shark, Oyenka and others

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