s.h.a.r.e is an acronym for

Souls Have A Right to Express.


s.h.a.r.e is the Network for Interaction and Self-Expression.

At s.h.a.r.e we understand that every individual has soemthing to say, and so we try to create avenues for self-expression!

With our MONTHLY events (ranging from those of a professional nature, to social events, to personal ones), and of course, this blog, we are the network for anyone who wants to meet people, make contacts, network and express themselves!


14 Responses to “Who We Are”



  2. Tessa Says:

    Nice, i actually thot it was a Christian initiative.

  3. amechi Says:

    i like what i saw. i say build on this, and don’t be in a hurry to introduce radical changes in the basic format of the meetings.

  4. Ubong Udoh Says:

    Hello Tosin. How are u doing? I would love to be part of your initiative. Its really a pretty good one

  5. ekere nelson Says:

    fix me up,thx

  6. miss kay Says:

    nice one!!

  7. i just love this idea….and especially cos the beautiful mind tosyn is involved.gotta be something real worthwhile.sign me on please…..

  8. omonaikee Says:

    i’m impressed with the scope of ur ideas Tosyn.will definately like to keep posted with the activities of s.h.a.r.e

  9. tiem Says:

    wld love 2b a part of this gr8t initiative

  10. Ayoola Chromo Says:

    Lovin u guys…count me in…

  11. mbelu chinwendu Says:

    am impressed…gots to be a part of this…well,just because

  12. brilliant idea methinks.. is this still active?

  13. Adetunji Magbagbeola Says:

    Hello, i first read about ur program in the wedding planner magazine and i would like to know how i can be part of it.

  14. Bashorun oluwatosin Says:

    this is a nice concept.how can i join the creative mind people.very very good.thanks.

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